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The main trigger for an LPA to request a Great Crested Newt survey, is the proximity of a pond to a proposed development, and the reason a Great Crested Newt survey is required for some planning applications is twofold:

  • Firstly, Great Crested Newts are a UK and EU protected species and it is a criminal offence to harm a Great Crested Newt or to damage or destroy a Great Crested Newt breeding or resting place;
  • Secondly, all protected species are a material consideration for individual planning applications under National Planning Policy Framework and therefore LPAs are obliged to ensure protected species are not harmed as a result of development activities.

Ultimately it is in your best interest to take ecology issues such as Great Crested Newts seriously as the maximum fine for a Great Crested Newt offence is £5000 (which could be per animal harmed) or a sentence of six months in prison, not to mention the PR nightmare. Therefore, by getting an ecologist in early to conduct a Great Crested Newt survey or other ecology assessment, development related wildlife legislation issues and related planning requirements can be quickly resolved.
Initial newt surveys can be conducted at any time of year, though newt surveys of ponds to establish presence/absence and population size class can only be conducted between the narrow window of late March until early June.


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Skilled Ecology Consultancy Ltd are a specialist Great Crested Newt Survey, Great Crested Newt Mitigation and Great Crested Newt fencing company providing professional newt surveys, mitigation, fencing and great crested newt relocation services throughout the UK. Based on the border of Suffolk and Essex; we offer a complete service including full reports designed to satisfy the requirements of Local Planning Authorities based on up-to-date newt survey guidelines.